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Kosher catering Winter Haven

Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa is dedicated to improving all aspects of kosher cuisine. We will make your dining experience unforgettable, whether it’s a small gathering or a grand gala. Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa is committed to offering excellent service throughout the process, from planning to execution.

Let our team, led by our founder Lowell Michelson, demonstrate the results of our 35 years of experience.

We are experts at preparing and delivering delectable meals for all of your special events.

All of your visitors are sure to be impressed with the high-quality cuisine we provide. Visit our Catering Platters page to learn more.

Corporate event catering

As a synagogue caterer, Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa provides food for religious celebrations such as Kiddushim. Whether it’s a simple buffet for your Shabbat congregation or a lavish celebration with all the bells and whistles, Kiddush can be prepared in a variety of ways.

When planning your celebration, we can also provide you with creative meal options that are beautifully presented. Our rates are low, and we can modify any dish on the menu to suit your dietary restrictions and pricing range.

At long last, Minneapolis has a superb Kosher caterer. When it comes to Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampas, CRAVE Catering has you covered with a delicious and kosher menu. Let CRAVE Catering impress your guests with our Kosher skills at your next event, whether it be a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, family celebration, or other important life event.

We offer premier Kosher catering in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and can work with you to create a menu that is tailored to your event. We can cater to any size party, from an intimate gathering in your house to a massive bash with up to 2,000 guests.

Hire private chef Winter Haven

Tell us your requirements so that we can better refine your search, and we will go out to local service providers to find someone who can assist you.


Cuisine Unlimited is a catering company that offers a complete range of services and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer private chefs and individualized attention to ensure that weddings, business celebrations, and other special occasions run without a hitch.

With the help of Family Meal by Phil, your very own personal Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa Private Chef, you can transform the atmosphere of your house into one that is on par with that of a fine dining establishment. Whether you are looking to purchase ready-made dinners, stock up on pantry essentials, or require the services of a Chef, we can accommodate your needs.

You will obtain no-cost estimates from local businesses in Winter Haven, as well as prompt alerts through either our website or mobile application.

Kosher catering near me

In addition to being a catering company, ours is a locally-based, family-owned and -operated business that serves the Jewish community in our area. We are sensitive to the requirements of the Jewish community in Toronto, and we take great satisfaction in our ability to adapt to a diverse variety of financial constraints and event scales in order to meet those requirements.

Our group approaches Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa cuisine not in terms of the restrictions it imposes, but rather in terms of the boundless opportunities it presents for creativity and invention. We come up with one-of-a-kind dishes by drawing inspiration from cuisines from around the world and the most recent developments in the culinary industry. Each dish is prepared using components of the highest quality, and it does not disappoint in terms of flavor.

The sophisticated foodies of today, especially the generation of young adults known as millennial, are aching for a new approach to kosher catering. F+B Kosher was founded with the goals of revolutionizing the kosher catering market in Toronto and establishing a brand that is incomparable to any other in its industry.

Kosher food catering near me

At Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa, you can get kosher catering in Montreal, kosher bakery goods in Montreal, and kosher meals in Montreal that are all created in an easy and delicious way. Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa is the undisputed champion when it comes to supplying the people of Montreal with the highest quality kosher goods.


They offer a complete variety of kosher bread items, meat and dairy products, and they have a full-size kosher kitchen where daily specialized cooking takes place. The finest in terms of freshness, quality, and handcrafted delight can be found at Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa.

Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa Catering will transport you to another time and place, where the sights, sounds, and aromas of Israel and Morocco are woven into every aspect of the service they provide. The greetings of “Shalom, Shalom” and the presence of Israeli music in the background contribute to the creation of an ambiance that is kind and inviting.