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Captiva Miami Beach is a resort city on an island between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It is connected to the rest of Miami by bridges. Its southern end, South Beach, is known as a place where models and celebrities go because there are so many art deco buildings there. The island’s ocean front has wide beaches. Ocean Drive, which goes through the Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa, is where most of the nightlife is.

Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa now offers kosher food delivery in Miami. Anyone can order fresh, hot kosher meals online for weekdays and Shabbos, with door-to-door delivery to your hotel room, apartment, the airport, or anywhere else in Miami. On the day of delivery, our local kitchens in Miami will make the kosher meals, and a safe car driver will bring them to you.

You can click on the Miami food delivery services listed below to see the kosher food menu and place an order.

Wedding Food Catering

Captiva, Florida caterers, are excellent choices if you require food for a formal event. The food served at an event is often cited as why guests will remember it fondly. Be sure to choose a great caterer in Captiva to provide dinner for your guests. Our list of available caterers includes some of the best in the business. There’s little doubt you’ll want to try a few different options before settling on the main meal.

Choosing a Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa caterer in Captiva, Florida, for your wedding, corporate event, or party can be a lot of fun, but it does involve some planning. Caterers for weddings frequently have much experience with such events, as their focus is narrower.

Captiva also has several excellent corporate caterers. A corporate caterer can help with all your catering needs, whether you’re hosting an intimate meeting or a large corporate event. You should look at multiple menus to find out if there is anything on catering menus that piques your interest. To accommodate a wide variety of tastes at a corporate function, it is usually recommended to keep the menu basic.

Find a catering provider for your event by browsing our list of caterers in Captiva. There are caterers out there who can provide delicious food for any event, from weddings to corporate functions.

Kosher Catering Captiva

Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa to Go offers a wide variety of delectable kosher foods for takeout to make your special occasion even more memorable. Chicken Marbella, teriyaki salmon, brisket, stuffed cabbage, specialty salads, soups, and homemade pareve pastries are some options for Shabbat dinners and individual orders.


Our catering team services the areas of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Our kosher catering services extend beyond events to the elderly and the sick and homebound in the local community.

Corporate Event Catering

Innovative, all-inclusive catering service for business events will leave visitors talking for years to come. Able to adapt to the specifics of each event, be they large or small, simple or intricate.

Cotton Culinary can organize a high-quality, cost-effective business event because of its attention to detail and professionalism. Customers with a menu and service tailored to their tastes. Whether you need to host a small meeting of five or a department lunch for a hundred or more, our staff will provide the outstanding service your business deserves.

Hire private chef Captiva

If you seeking a dining experience that is genuinely unique while you are on vacation, why not do so from the location on the island that has the best view of the sunset?

To provide your guests with a mystical supper, Gypsy Wind has collaborated with Pilpel Kosher Kitchen & Catering Tampa of North Captiva Culinary to do the cooking. They will devise a menu for you, go shopping for the necessary ingredients, prepare the meal, and clean up afterward.

There is no better way to reward oneself than to watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico while indulging in a delicious meal prepared and presented by a fantastic and considerate chef.

Kosher Wedding Menu

Neither the location nor the percentage of Jewish guests influences whether or not a wedding is considered kosher. Everything about a wedding, from the venue where the food is cooked to the dishes served and the catering methods used, must adhere to the kashrut rules for it to be considered a Kosher wedding. Kosher adheres to two essential principles: (1) meat and dairy must never be mixed during preparation; (2) shellfish and pork must never be served.

These culinary standards may be challenging to fulfill. Still, they are not impossible if you approach your wedding with the proper amount of preparation and the right type of Kosher-inspired love. Here we will go over some kosher wedding cuisine options you should consider for your big day.